Modern Oriental Rugs in Atlanta, GA

Oriental rugs may have a long history, but people are continuing to craft them even into the 21st Century. At Surena Rugs, we offer modern oriental and wool rugs from all over the world.

About Our Modern Oriental Rugs

Combining modern aesthetics with a timeless tradition, our modern oriental rug collection is as vast and varied as our antique rug collection. All of our rugs are handmade in various methods, designs, and colors.

Most of our modern rugs are made of wool, but they all stem from various countries across the world. Some of the modern rugs that we offer include the following:

  • Modern Persian Rugs
  • Modern Turkish Rugs
  • Modern Wool Rugs

About Oriental Rugs

People have crafted oriental rugs for thousands of years. The oldest known oriental rug is over twenty-five hundred years old, and many others are dated to the 1500s. In the present day, people are adapting those techniques to fit modern aesthetics and lifestyles.

To learn more about the history of oriental rugs, click here.

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