An oriental rug can be a beautiful décor item for your room. For many of us, we place it in the middle of the room and use it as the focal point. But since oriental rugs have so many patterns and colors, it can be difficult to match the rest of the room to it. Here, we provide some tips to help:

Keep furniture in the same color family

You don’t have to match the colors in your oriental rug exactly, but it is smart to keep your furniture in the same color family as your rug. So, if your oriental rug has blues, creams, and blacks in it, try to use other shades of blues, creams, and blacks throughout your room. Again, these colors don’t have to be exact matches of your colors, but so long as they’re in the same color family they should blend well with one another.

Use neutrals for your floor and walls

If your oriental rug is the focal point of your room, you don’t want anything to distract from it. That’s why we recommend having neutral-colored floors and walls. This could mean having hardwood floors and then white, gray, or beige walls. While any type of neutral color should go with your oriental rug, keep in mind the point we made earlier about using the same color family. So, if your oriental rug has hints of white in it, then you could pair it with white walls.

Don’t be afraid to use other patterns

Many homeowners are afraid to introduce other patterns for fear they may clash with their oriental rug. But many classic patterns will still look great alongside oriental rugs! Plaids, zebra, and paisley are just a few examples of the type of patterns you could incorporate. The key is just to make sure there aren’t too many mismatched patterns, so don’t go overboard.

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